Quality Policy

The Department of Social Work of the Democritus University of Thrace is oriented towards the organization and provision of a high level undergraduate program in the field of social work. It also seeks to create a favorable and creative environment for the development of research in the field of social work. In general, it is committed to a process of continuous improvement of the teaching, research and administrative functions and procedures of the Department. The formulation of an effective policy to ensure the quality of the undergraduate program of the department is based on the principles of the policy of the Foundation, and for its implementation the department cooperates with QUALITY MANAGMENT UNIT and the other services of the University. The shaping of the quality policy is a continuous process, which is subject to review, reform on an annual basis, by the department and by the EVALUATION AND CONTROL UNIT. The main axes of the quality policy are the harmonization with international standards, observing the current legislation for the organization and provision of undergraduate study programs. The central axes of action on which the quality policy of the Department of Social Work of DUTH is based. is:

  1. the promotion of student-centered learning – the continuous improvement of the undergraduate curriculum as well as other curricula;
  2. the strengthening and promotion of the research work of the members of D.E.P. of the department-the development of cooperation with other departments inside and outside the university;

  3. the utilization of programs at national, international and transnational level;

  4. the prevention of students dropping out of school and the treatment of their dropout from the undergraduate study program;

  5. the submission of proposals and the development of a strategy for the improvement of the infrastructure and facilities of the departmen;

  6. the improvement of the teaching conditions and the exercise structures of the students;

  7. the connection of teaching with the provided research;

  8. the improvement of the working conditions of the administrative and teaching staff;

  9. encouraging the mobility of students and faculty members. through corresponding actions;

  10. the active connection, presence and participation of the department in the local community through collaborations and actions with local bodies;

  11. the promotion and dissemination of the educational, research and wider social work of the department.

The Department takes care of the information about the employment opportunities of the graduates and the prospects of vocational rehabilitation after the completion of their studies through the page of the department, the announcements as well as the informative meetings in the context of the undergraduate studies. Promotes the upgrade and reorganization of the administrative functions, which support the human resources of the department. Organizes the recording of needs, deficiencies and problems at the level of logistics structures and administrative support services, seeks alternative strategies for solving problems by submitting proposals to the administrative bodies of the University. The Department of Social Work ensures the dissemination of research results, the planning and implementation of information activities, the interconnection of academic teaching with research, the familiarization of students with the research activities of the department.

The monitoring, examination, and improvement of the quality assurance system of the undergraduate program is carried out on an annual basis. The website of the department is updated in order to provide sufficient information about the academic, educational activities of the department, the activities, but also the organization and its structures. The Department of Social Work organizes and implements actions aimed at improving the quality of the undergraduate study program, which are based on procedures provided through the institutional and legislative framework. Carries out the annual internal evaluation of the department, which is organized by the EVALUATION AND CONTROL UNIT, in collaboration with QUALITY MANAGMENT UNIT and the other administrative structures, bodies and committees of the Department.