The Department

The Department of Social Administration and Political Science was established in June 2013 by Presidential Decree no. 86 (Presidential Decree 86/2013, Government Gazette A’124 of June 3, 2013), with which the pre-existing Departments on the one hand Social Administration (Presidential Decree 304/1994, Government Gazette A ΄163) and on the other hand Political Science (PD 21/2009, Government Gazette A’42) were merged into one Department within the framework of the “Athena” Plan which concerned the restructuring of the academic map of the country. The Department had then become the largest Department of Social Sciences in number of students admitted nationwide. Prior to the division, 24 teachers, Professors and Lecturers served in the Department of Social Administration and Political Science. The Department joined the also newly established then with the same P.D. 86/2013 School of Social Policy and Economics. The Haircut of the Departments, and the Establishment of the autonomous Department of Social Work was done with Law 4610/1919 GOVERNMENT GAZETT 70 A on May 7, 2019.