Professional License

The N.P.D.D. with the name “Association of Social Workers of Greece” is based in Athens and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity low. 4488 ΦΕΚ Α΄137 / 13.9.2017. Information about the Association of Social Workers of on the website: https://www.Association of Social Workers of Greece .gr/index.php/en/ Graduates of the Department of Social Work, DUTH, can obtain a License to Practice the profession of Social Worker in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 23 (2) [1992], which sets out the conditions for the issuance of a License to practice the profession, principles, duties, the obligations, the irreconcilable in the exercise of the profession, the obligations towards the profession and the duties towards the served. The social workers who are entitled according to the provisions of the EU. to practice the profession in Greece, are obliged to become members of ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORKERS OF GREECE  with the same rights and obligations. According to Article 110, (par. 1) of Law 4488/2017 which refers to the Exercise of the profession of social worker “For the issuance by the competent services of the certificate of legal exercise of the profession, social workers must include, among supporting documents, and a certificate of registration in the relevant dept. of ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORKERS OF GREECE . Upon receipt of the certificate of legal practice, they are obliged to submit it directly to the Regional Department where   they belong “.