Equality Committee

The Committee for Gender Equality of the Democritus University of Thrace aims to promote gender equality at all levels of operation at the DUTH (educational, research, administrative). The COMMITTEE FOR GENDER EQUALITY  of DUTH was established in May 2020. According to the provision of article 33 of Law 4589/2019 (Government Gazette 13 / t.AI / 29-1-2019), it is an unpaid committee that functions as an advisory body of the Senate and the Administrations of Faculties and Departments for the promotion of equality at all levels of operation and in all processes of academic life. She is nine members and her term is three years. The COMMITTEE FOR GENDER EQUALITY  of DUTH is a member of the Panhellenic Network of Gender Equality Committees in the country’s universities.

Responsibilities of the Commission

1. Prepares action plans for the promotion and assurance of substantial equality in the educational, research and administrative procedures of the Foundation and prepares an annual report, which it submits to the Senate.

2. Recommends to the competent bodies measures for the promotion of equality and the fight against sexism;

3. Provides information and training to members of the academic community on issues related to gender and equality,

4. Provides mediation services in cases of complaints of discrimination or harassment,

5. Promotes the elaboration of P.M.S. and conducting seminars and lectures focusing on the study of gender,

6. Promotes the elaboration of studies and researches on issues related to the field of its competence,

7. Provides assistance to victims of discrimination when they report discrimination. With the internal Regulations of the A.E.I. issues of support for victims of discrimination by the Commission are regulated in particular

The COMMITTEE FOR GENDER EQUALITY  plans various actions in the direction of informing the university community about all the above or on gender issues in general in collaboration with other structures of DUTH. and / or in collaboration with other bodies e.g. Education agencies, counseling centers, Bar Association, etc .:

1. Preventing and combating gender discrimination at the academic and administrative level

2. Research and Teaching

3. Mediation and treatment of gender-based abusive behavior

4. Social Responsibility and Networking

5. Monitoring progress and coexistence with the above principles and existing legislation

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