Student Care

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are entitled, subject to certain conditions set by law, to free meals and housing provided by the University to student clubs and dormitories operating in the cities under the responsibility of the National Youth Foundation. To meet the catering and housing needs of eligible students, there are now restaurants and dormitories. In Komotini the restaurant has the capacity to feed two thousand four hundred (2,400) students and the dormitories on the campus have a capacity of seven hundred (700) beds. Undergraduate students are also issued discounted tickets for urban and long-distance transport. Finally, the University provides medical care to those students who do not have any other type of insurance.

Responsible staff:

Ourania Poufina, Tel: 25310 39211-39212, Fax: 25310 39213

Maria Voutsa, Tel: 25410 79028, Fax: 25410 79028