Welcome to the Department of Social Work, which is established after the haircut of the Department of Social Administration and Political Science. The Department is the oldest that offers university education in the field of Social Work (since 1996) through a more holistic and interdisciplinary perspective.

It has a strong interdisciplinary orientation, which supports the studies of social work, on the one hand giving depth to its methodology, theory and practice and on the other hand specializing in fields such as clinical social work, social work in education, social work with minorities, vulnerable age groups and in multicultural environments, but also International and Comparative Social work enriched with contributions from the study of the organization of the International Society and the policies of the European Union. The department brings together academic staff with a background in a wide range of social sciences, such as social policy, sociology, law, and social psychology, and international and European studies.  These websites provide information on the structure of the Department, undergraduate and postgraduate programs and research activities, as well as on academic, technical and administrative staff and their contact details.