The research work of the faculty members of the Department of Social Work and its development is a major concern in the goals of teachers of all levels. It is reflected through their publications in renowned Greek and foreign scientific journals, their participation in funded institutional and other research projects, as well as the multitude of heteroreferences in their scientific work as they are drawn from platforms (databases) such as Google Scholar, Research Gate , Academia, Scopus, or Web of Science.

Below is a snapshot of the above data as they were collected from 2019 until today (Table A-Publications and Table B-Research projects), ie since the Department of Social Work was divided by the former Department of Social Administration and Political Science and became an independent department , as well as a record of the heteroreports of faculty members cumulatively throughout their careers (Table C-Heterogenerations).

It is noted that the total published work and the participation in research programs of the faculty members of the department before the autonomy of the Department of Social Work (before 2019) is richer and is reflected in their detailed CVs that will be posted on the website of the Department.

During the last three years (2019 until today), the faculty members of the Department of Social Work have participated in the following projects:

Year 2022

• Karagounis, B., (2021 – today). “Co-construction in the field of social welfare” (COCOSO), for the MARIE Skłodowska-CURIE ACTIONS Innovative Training Networks (ITN), Doctoral Networks, Call: HORIZON-MSCA-DN-2021, coordinated by the Université Paris Nanterre (FR , Leader).

• Poulopoulos, Char., (2021-2022). Scientific Coordinator of the Project “1922-2022: Experiences and experiences of parents and children in two refugee crises”, Human Rights 360, (in progress).

• Serbos, S., (2021-present). Scientific collaborator, “Learning Online about Security – After the June 2021 Summit – Part II” Responsible body: ELIAMEP, Researcher Dr. G. Tzogopoulos (Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy) Funding: NATO, Public Diplomacy.

• Hadjifotiou, S., (2021-present). Scientific Responsible “Time to Speak” Research Program for Support of Victims of Violence and Counseling of Victims through the Active Citizens Fund Program, Drama Ladies’ Association: House of Open Hospitality, Grant Manager Bodosaki Foundation and Solidarity Now (in progress).

Year 2021


• Polyzoidis, P., (2019-2021). “SoDaNet IN ACTION – SUB-PROJECT 07, SELF-CONFIDENCE DUTH” (KE 82179), with Scientific Officer Mr. IOANNIDIS ALEXIS.

• Poulopoulos, Char., (2018-2021). Member of the research-interdisciplinary team of EKPA in the CuringtheLimbo Program – UIA (UrbanInnovativeActions), (2018-2021) and author of the Handbook for Social Organizations: “Team Development, Networking and Empowerment”.

• Polyzos, N., (2020-2021). Evaluation of the financing of the hospital medicines of the last five years. Hellenic Patients Association.

Year 2020

• Kallinikaki, Th., (2019-2020). Community wellbeing and social inclusion in the context of migration and mobility ‘, of Migration, Inter-Connectivity and Regional Development (MICaRD Network): Lincoln, UK, Newcastle, Warsaw, DUTH, Belgrade, Center for European Regional and Local Studies EUROREG, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy.

• Kallinikaki, Th., (2020). The End of the Beginning: Social Work with refugees, asylum seekers in Northern Greece and Southern Italy during the Covid-19 Pandemic (Universities of Hertfordshire, Palermo, Edinburgh, Eastern Piedmont Alessandria-Italy).

• Filippidis, G., (2018-2020). Research team member – NSRF 2014-2020 Research Program, through the Operational Program “Human Resources Development – Training and Lifelong Learning” – “Support for Researchers with an Emphasis on Young Researchers”, with the title of research object: “The use of the Internet as an exercise domestic violence on the part of the perpetrators “.

• Hadjifotiou, S., (2018-2020). Scientific Project Manager co-financed by the NSRF 2014-2020 Research Program through the Operational Program “Human Resource Development – Training and lifelong learning”: “Support for Researchers with emphasis on young Researchers”, OPS Code. 5006301. Title of research object: “The use of the Internet as a means of domestic violence by the perpetrators”, Department of Social Administration and Political Science, DUTH.

Year 2019

• Kallinikaki, Th., (2019). «Social Work with Refugees and Migrants; Learning from comparative perspectives, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and UK, (2019 IDF BASW- IC, IAT, University of Hertfordshire).

• Poulopoulos, Char., (2019). Scientific Officer of the project of the Society of Social Psychiatry ‘P. Sakellaropoulos ’, CapacityBuilding- Action Research, for the ESTIA program of the Municipality of Athens in collaboration with UNHCR. • Poulopoulos, Char., (2018-2019). Scientific Officer of the project “Determination of the curriculum of the training programs of prospective sponsors and adoptive parents as well as the curriculum of the training courses of the people who will train the foster and adoptive parents (2019)” of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Security //