Career Office

The Liaison Office:

• Informs the students and graduates of our University about the available jobs of companies and enterprises of the wider Public and Private sector, at local and Panhellenic level, as well as for Internship positions.

• Provides information on postgraduate programs of Greek and foreign Universities.

• Informs users about the available scholarships and legacies in Greece and abroad.

• Contributes to information on Mobility Programs (Socrates-Erasmus, Leonardo, etc.).

• Informs about conducting training seminars and conferences.

• Provides Counseling Services through Career Counselors and an e-mentoring system.

• Provides distance education services on issues related to CV writing, professional rights, technical terminology, etc.

• Organizes workshops and seminars of educational and professional interest as well as Career Days. • Carries out studies regarding the situation in the labor market, the required specialties, the absorption of graduates and the recording of students’ needs regarding the services of the DG. Their results are used by the Office as the main axes for the identification of actions in the field of contact with companies but also in the design of a plan for the approach of freshmen.