Consulting and Accessibility Structure

The Advisory and Accessibility Structure (Do.SYP) of the Democritus University of Thrace was established by the decision of the Senate No. 40/51 / 12.12.2017. It consists of the Department of Counseling and Psychosocial Support as well as the Department of Accessibility. The Do.SYP. addressed to all students of DUTH.

Objectives of the structure are: Equal access to the educational activities of students / three with special needs and disabilities, through the adaptation of the educational environment, the use of assistive information technologies and the provision of services to facilitate access to space and knowledge. The personal development and the improvement of the social life of the students / three with specialties and disabilities, inside and outside the educational spaces. Within the framework of the Advisory and Accessibility Structure, actions are developed to address problems related to the following issues:

  • Studies: learning difficulties, difficulties in study and comprehension, difficulties in decision making, inability to concentrate, stress of exams, incompatibilities of educational spaces, means and materials due to disability. Academic life: difficulties in adapting to the educational environment, difficulties in organizing and managing time, negative attitude towards the subject of study.
  • Social life: difficulties in friendly and family relationships, isolation, low self-esteem, difficulties of acceptance and integration into the social environment. Other problems: psychosomatic disorders, emotional problems, addictions.

The Do.SYP. is structured by the Central Service based in Komotini and the Branches located in the cities: Orestiada, Alexandroupoli and Xanthi. More information on Advisory Structure and Accessibility.