Rules of complaint operation

For complaints and objections related to academic subjects (teaching and course grades) students should first contact the course instructor. Then they can turn to their academic advisor and if they are not satisfied with the president of the Department of Social Work (through the secretariat of the Department). Committee of Ethics and Ethics, DUTH, Legal Service, DUTH, Rector’s Office).

Also, for serious issues related to their studies, students can apply in writing individually or in groups to the General Assembly of the Department of Social Work. In case they consider that they have not received a satisfactory or correct answer to the requests, they can contact the student’s ombudsman or the Dean of the relevant School or even the Rector’s Office.

For complaints and objections concerning supportive procedures and services, such as the schedule, the state of the infrastructure, the Library, the information systems, etc., the students can contact the competent Administrative Services or the student’s ombudsman.

Most of the administrative services of the University include mechanisms for submitting objections, which are mentioned in the relevant Regulations. Personal data The University archives and manages information relating to students’ personal data – such as contact details, a register of grades and other personal data – in accordance with applicable law.

Students have access to their student register through an online portal. In the context of strengthening the student-centered educational process, but also the principles of transparency and accountability, the “Complaints Management Procedure” of students of the Department of Social Work has been adopted. .. The specific procedure concerns all the complaints related to the quality of the educational and administrative services provided by the Department.

The procedure is described as follows: For the registration of complaints from the students, the “Complaint Form” is available, which can be submitted by students / in electronic form (e-mail), with all the attached documents concerning their subject, to the Secretariat of T Social Work or to any teacher or academic advisor, depending on the nature of the complaint. In their e-mail the students record briefly, clearly and objectively, their problem-complaint. Then, after the competent body becomes aware of the student’s problem / complaint, it is obliged to respond within 20 working days. If the problem / complaint is not resolved then the student can further address the competent bodies of DUTH, as described above