The degree has the validity of a Professional License. According to the latest Graduate Absorption Study of the Liaison Office of the D.U.Th. (graduates 2020-2021) 85% of graduates are working and in fact 82% of them were already working within the first year after graduation. Indicatively, employees are mentioned as Social Workers in K.P.A.P., K.D.A.P. A.M.E.A., Autism centers, day care for the disabled, Social Welfare, immigrant reception, refugee reception, Elderly Care unit (crisis management, entertainment), mobile mental health unit, charity association, KE.THE.A. , housing and work program for the homeless, association of parents and friends of people with autism, unaccompanied minors structure, mental health clinic, A.M.Th region, educational support school network (secondary education).

Erasmus+ is the European Commission's program for education, training, youth and sport, which aims to strengthen skills and employability as well as modernize education, training and youth systems, in all areas of Lifelong Learning (Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training, Adult Education, School Education, youth activities, etc.). Responsibility for Erasmus+ in the Department of Social Work lies with:

Professor S. Hatzifotiou,

Professor A. Kandylaki,

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The Pedagogical Proficiency award process is currently being redesigned, however entry 18/19 and 19/20 students can complete under the current system until 31 August 2023.

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Students who successfully complete the following courses obtain a Computer Science Certificate (ECDL)






Informatics II




Statistical Data Analysis I




Statistical Data Analysis II




Informatics I




The Department of Social Work organizes and implements the P.M.S. "Social Work in Education-Inclusion of Diversity"  

It also participates in the following interdepartmental Master Programs::

  1. "Management and Organization of Health and Social Care Services",in cooperation with the Department of Medicine of the AUTH. For more information click here.
  2. "Counseling", in cooperation with the Department TEAPI of EKPA and the cooperating Department of Psychology of the University of Crete. For more information click here.
  3. "Teaching of Science and Modern Technologies" in cooperation with the Department of Physics of DIPAE , the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physical Science and Technology. For more information click here.

The Department encourages the development of research through the monitoring of Doctoral Dissertations. More information is posted in the Regulations for the Preparation of Doctoral Dissertations.

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The Department encourages the development of research through the conduct of Postdoctoral research. More information is posted in the Regulations for the Preparation of post Doctoral Dissertations

More information can be found here.