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Holidays 2022/2023


According to the Curriculum, the courses are divided into eight independent academic semesters and are taught on a weekly basis. Each semester lasts fifteen to sixteen educational weeks and includes thirteen weeks for teaching and two to three weeks for examinations. The duration of the Undergraduate Study Program of the Department of Social Work of D.P.Th. are eight semesters spread over four academic years. Its curriculum includes the following course categories:

  • Background: Those courses which, although they do not directly refer to the science that the Curriculum treats, nevertheless constitute a necessary pre-existing scientific knowledge to enable the student to understand issues directly included in it.
  • Scientific Area: These are those courses that refer to fields of knowledge that are directly included in the scientific subject of the Study Program.
  • General Knowledge: Courses that are not directly or indirectly related to the scientific subject of the Study Program, but aim at the wider education of the student as a scientist and citizen.
  • Skills Development: Courses that do not aim at providing scientific knowledge in the subject of the Study Program, but at cultivating and developing other student skills.


Students graduate after:

  • successfully attend and be examined in 39 courses (27 Compulsory and 12 Elective), three of which electives can be replaced by the successful support of an optional thesis,
  • carry out an Internship and
  • accumulate a total of 240 credits (ECTS).).


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